WHO International Scheme to Evaluate Household Water Treatment Technologies

World Health Organization
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WHO has been independently evaluating the performance of household water treatment (HWT) technologies in removing microbial contaminants from drinking water. This report showcases the results from the second round of the WHO International Scheme to Evaluate Household Water Treatment Technologies which compared 20 different HWT technologies based on WHO health performance criteria.

The Tulip Table Top Water Filter developed by Basic Water Needs with support from Aqua for All is also included in this Scheme and meets WHO performance criteria.   

For years, Aqua for All and partners (such as KWR) have been lobbying for this type of comparative performance test. From the very beginning, Aqua for All started with Working Groups on Appropriate Technology and Disinfection, resulting in the Smart Disinfection Solutions booklet.  

This report is a valuable global resource to help practitioners and manufacturers evaluate and select different HWT technologies based on their ability to remove pathogenic microorganisms from drinking water (bacteria, viruses and protozoa).  This is especially useful considering the large number of product manufacturers and product claims, and the limited capacity of low-income countries to conduct testing to verify these claims.