Urban Ecosan Pilot Project in Kigali and Musanze: Lessons Learned from the Field

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Rwanda Environment Care (REC), SNV, Ecosan Fumbira Products Ltd. (EFP) and SANIDEV have been piloting ecological sanitation (ecosan) toilet blocks in two busy public places and three schools in Kigali City and three schools in Musanze. The public ecosan toilets in Kigali also have integrated commercial spaces for local shopkeepers and entrepreneurs to rent and use. In both the school and public ecosan facilities, the faecal and urinal waste from the toilets are source-separated onsite. The faecal waste is subsequently decomposed at different stages at a collection facility to produce a nutrient-rich bio-fertilizer for sale.

This report shares lessons learned and insights from the project during the piloting phase. The project aimed to test a market-led ecosan approach for the reuse of nutrients from human waste as bio-fertilizers, as well as to scale this type of sanitation solution in Rwanda.