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SOMAGEP is the public water supply company of Mali. It is responsible for the drinking water supply in 17 major urban areas throughout Mali. They both produce and distribute drinking water and are responsible for quality control and billing and collection. They are the only public water supply company for the urban areas in Mali. The Direction Nationale de l’Hydraulique (DNH) is responsible to provide water supply services in rural areas, but this is not part of SOMAGEP’s responsibilities. SOMAGEP is not responsible for the sanitation and waste water sector. Sewer systems hardly exist and most faecal waste is collected in septic tanks or latrines. Although Waste water treatment plants are virtually absent in Mali (there are three waste water treatment plants in the whole country, all located in Bamako), ANGESEM (l’Agence National des Gestion des Station d’Epuration du Mali) is responsible for the proper operations and maintenance of the plants The regulator in Mali is CREE (Commission de Régulation de l'Electricité et de l'Eau). They are setting the tariffs on behalf of the Malian Government under the authority of Water and Energy Ministry The results of SOMAGEP (water quality and quantity data as well as the utilities’ finances) are published in annual reports.

Target group

Cities of Bamako, Kayes, Nioro, Kita, Koulikourou, Sikou, Selinque, Bougouni, Koutiala, Segou, Markala, San, Mopti, Bandiagara, Tombouctou, Gao, Kidal


Strengthening SOMAGEP

Overview of Goals

Improving water quality, reducing NRW, billing & collection optimization, human resource management planning,

Results and indicators