Adama, Ethiopia


Improving school WASH remains a challenge in many parts of the world. Contrary to the schools in European countries, schools in Sub-Saharan Africa often have to finance water and electricity bills from their own budget, as well as the maintenance of all facilities. School WASH is a topic of interest of local stakeholders in Adama – viz. Adama Town Health Office (ATHO), Adama Town Education Office (ATEO), schools’ management, teachers and students. However, after initial improvement of the school hardware (constructed toilets, installed drinking water taps), schools often fail to maintain the drinking water and sanitation systems.

Overview of Goals

It is foreseen to develop two computer-assisted role-playing games (board games) targeting different stakeholders and developed for different purposes:
1. Simplified concept simulation– introduction of the grey water treatment and reuse idea for school students, WASH clubs, parents, Kebele officials.
2. Simulation of the working principle and daily O&M of the grey water treatment system – for operator(s), school teachers, SME involved in the design and construction of infrastructure.

Results and indicators