Kigali, Rwanda

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Rwanda has embarked on the digitization of literally life in Rwanda. From access to public services to education, Rwandans are slowly but surely using technology to make their life much easier. However, the process for Rwandan merchants to sell their services and product online is complex and expensive. Therefore, their activities are limited to their neighborhood. Even, utilities company are not accepting international payments!

Project Plan

After feasibility studies and signing agreements with water providers, we are to add a water payment feature on our existing online payment facilitator platform. The feature shall allow payment of existing water bills and or buying advance credit to be exchanged on water kiosks. we have an team of programmers, coders, marketing and business development to work on that feature. We estimate that the fully well working feature shouldn't exceed 1 year.

Target group

On one ends, Rwandan living abroad will benefit from this project as it ll give them a direct link to water providers. On the other side, by simplifying the process of paying water bills in Rwanda, providers have a new reliable source of revenue, thus can easily recover their pending bills.


The remittance inflow to Africa is in constant growth. Not only we are to facilitate the online payment of water bills, but via our activities educate people on the the efficient way of using water by channeling educational content in our SMS voucher distribution system. we are also planning to enter other African market, thus duplicating there what learned in Rwanda.

Overview of Goals

Enabling online payment of water bills and water kiosks vouchers, by people living outside Rwanda using modern electronic payment methods such as credit cards or eWallets, so their relative and friends in Rwanda can have access to enough potable water.

Results and indicators