Turn your idea into a project

Please note: we have issued a final call for proposals, which means our procedures have changed. Final deadline is April 10th. More information: click here.

Trash cans at the Metropolitan Assembly of Kumasi, GhanaTrash cans at the Metropolitan Assembly of Kumasi, Ghana
So you've got a brilliant idea that you would like to share with the world in order for it to turn into gold? First of all, we warmly welcome you to share your idea in our community, to enrich and perhaps improve it through the help and knowledge of others. Should you decide your idea is ready to get a kick start from our fund, you can apply through the procedure displayed on this page. So how do you obtain support? You can read all about it on this page, or click here for the document Roadmap to VIA Water support.
Tips and trics for writing your proposal can be found in the Proposal Writing Toolbox. We strongly advise you to read the Roadmap and look at the Toolbox before starting to write your teaser!

STEP 1: You send us your project idea.
You may submit your idea in this first phase in English, French or Portuguese. You can always submit your idea: we do not have any deadlines or specific calls. It may come as a one- or two-page ‘teaser’ (see attachment 2 in The Roadmap) or as a proposal you’ve already submitted to a third party. Send your idea to teasers@viawater.nlThe budget information should show a draft of the main headlines and an indication on co-funding. Also, please indicate whether you can fulfil the entry criteria (attachment 1 in The Roadmap) and please explain why some of the criteria might not be applicable for you. And, the last one, please indicate the present state of expressed commitment of the mentioned (potential) co-application partners (e.g. potential, oral commitment at operational level, oral commitment at management level, written commitment in e-mail/MoU/LoI/ …..).


For more information on how to write the teaser, check out the document below.

tease_a_teaser.pdf(274.77 KB)

STEP 2: We respond.
The VIA Water programme team will study the teaser and issue a first reaction, usually within two weeks. We might see potential in the proposal, although if it’s not for us, we might refer you to options that could suit you better than VIA Water. Mostly we have additional questions, that need to be addressed before we can decide on the eligibility. Even if your proposal does not meet all of the VIA Water criteria, your proposal still may be eligible for consideration; indeed, there are wild cards.

STEP 3: You eleborate on your idea
If we see potential in your idea, we will ask you to elaborate on your idea, creating a feasible and fundable plan, possibly in cooperation with members of the VIA Water Community. One of the funding criteria is your willingness to openly share your ideas.

STEP 4: You apply for funds
You submit your final funding application to one of the VIA Water’s fund managers. A full application should include at least two documents:

  1. A full project proposal; a possible template is given in attachment 3 of The Roadmap. Mind that there might be a need for additional attachments
  2. We also ask you to fill in an interactive pdf application form that we will provide to you after we have decided that your project is eligible. It is the basis for a project display on the website, where progress can be reported via the Really Simple Reporting format. 

STEP 5: We study your full application
If you apply for an amount less than € 25.000, the VIA Water fund manager will handle the approval procedure. If your application is for more than € 25.000, external and independent selection advisors will be asked to also assess the application and give their opinion. A pre-screening of your first application is normally completed within 2 weeks. If the final application is sent to the selection advisors (> €25.000), the response is usually given within 4 weeks.

STEP 6: You process our feedback
In our experience, the greatest amount of time is spent on the feedback loop on draft proposals. In some cases, selection advisors recommend improvements. These either need to be incorporated into the plan before a final decision is taken, or will be integrated in the funding contract as a condition. Aqua for All makes the final decision regarding funding. If its decision deviates from the recommendations of the external advisors, this will be reported to the VIA Water steering group.

STEP 7: We set up a contract with you
As soon as the project is approved, we set up a contract with the applicant. The support is to be considered as a subsidy. Aqua for All might transfer all instalments to you as an applicant or contract partner, or it might make direct payments to project partners at your request. Payments are commonly split over different periods, and a final amount (mostly 10%) is only paid after you have fulfilled all administrative obligations, have realised all deliverables, and can show a strong participation track record in the VIA Water community.

If all goes well, your project will start running after these 7 steps! The VIA Water programme ends in 2018, which means your project should as well. Since learning from the projects is one of the main objectives of the programme, we expect you to share as much as possible about your project, about the successes and failures, and about the lessons you are learning. This can be done in our (online) community, during live events, and through the Really Simple Reporting tool. Monitoring and evaluating will also be part of the process.

Good luck!