100 teasers received!

Teaser deadline has now passed, full proposals until April 10th


Since setting our February 6th deadline for teasers, we have received 100 new teasers (of which 63 in the final day!), making our total of received teasers 500. We hope to have reviewed all teasers within 14 days or at least before March 1st.

VIA Water is now closed for new teasers.

The deadline for submitting your full proposals is April 10th. More information about submitting a full proposal can be found here: https://www.viawater.nl/news/via-water-fund-closing-final-call-for-proposals.

If you did send us a teaser, but did not get a confirmation, it may be that we did not receive it. This might have happened to mails that did not pass our spam filter or which were too big; our provider blocks mails >7MB without further notice. In the latter case, we ask you to make the attachments smaller; send the attachments by different mails or send the attachments by We Transfer (and an accompanying email).

Good luck!