Winning big from start up acceleration programmes


I recently came across this blog (find link below) which I thought might be useful especially for small startups eager to get funding opportunities to accelerate their business ideas. My take home message from the blog was that, accelerator programmes are great especially those that provide Mentors that understand where start ups are in their stage and can provide real life strategic guidance to them. Also, being in a team where you also interact with other start ups helps build confidence among each other and forces Co-Founders to understand that this journey of many obstacles is widely shared. Therefore you get energised to keep on working on your idea until that big break comes through. I am personally happy that Via Water came up with this Acceleration idea. Today was the first day of the acceleration programme and I was happy to see other entrepreneurs bubbling with confidence and discussing their innovations.  I am honoured to be part of this team and look forward to great lessons learnt from the course.


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Great post Kevin, the DUMA ladies were in our accelerator when the were finetuning their idea before launch in Kenya. Happy to have you in our team as well. Peer-to-peer learning is key as inspiration from other disruptive entrepreneurs is as well. This Friday we will take a closer look into (who was in one of our programs 2 years ago).

Take the momentum. This is your moment to accelerate

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Thats great to hear Saskia! I look forward to the case study for Mellow cabs on Friday. Thank you for your continued inspiration and guidance.