Project update Flash Flood Forecasting App Ghana


Overview goal CIRDA

Last week, our expertise in flash flood forecasting was put to good use as a panel member in the UNDP CIRDA program.
The Last Mile workshop focused on good examples of how to use meteorological information and make it available to end users in a financially sustainable manner.  
I presented our VIA water project: the Flash Flood Forecasting (FFF) App.
As a result of my participation in the workshop, I secured some excellent contacts for further implementation of the FFF App in Ghana, some of which we will meet in our mission to Accra in April.

AND a good lesson learnt - literacy is an issue in these countries. So also for warning messages if they have to serve civilians directly.

I showed them the link to VIA water so hopefully the community will take advantage of that. To facilitate sharing the lessons learned throughout the event, I would like to direct you the following link were all the presentations from the event are now available:

For more information about the project: