Our first Urban farmers


We recently went on a "hunt" of farmers and individuals in urban areas mostly in areas of Kangemi and Kwangware regions of Nairobi. Currently we have been able to recruit 15 farmers who will help us pilot the systems. 

One of the farmers is Angela  Auma who runs a children home in Kangemi. It started in 1998 with 10 member as an initative  to help children whose parents died due to HIV and Aids and the community had rejected them. Currently she has 57 children some in High school, primary school and other who were lucky to join local polytechnic. Her source of Vegetable is from her suck garden that is not sustainable, during shortage she spends Ksh 4000 daily to fill her 1000 litters which takes her for 5 days

Another farmer is Robert who is a youth group leader in Kangemi that does strawberry farming which they sell to local vendors, currently they are producing 20kgs of strawberries per week of which they are not able to meet demand due to frequent shortage of water in Kangemi and also limited land since Kangemi is an urban slum area with high population growth