Launch of our 2nd VR campaign - Sanergy Kenya


After testing Virtual Reality as a marketing tool with Naiss Bathrooms in Mozambique, BoP Innovation Center is replicating this innovation in Kenya with a 2nd customer. Sanergy and their Fresh Life Initiative embraced this innovative means of marketing to promote 2 of heir toilet models among slum dwellers in Nairobi. Watch the video for some first impressions. We'll soon be collecting sales data and other evidence to reflect on the effects of the VR-based campaign for Sanergy.

This is the final activity or our VR project that is subsidized by VIA Water. Given the positive response from our launching customers in Momzabique and Kenya, BoP Innovation Center and our VR developers in Kenya (Black Rhino VR) and Mozambique (FX Studio) are excited to continue implementing and refining this marketing concept with more customers. If you're interested, send me an e-mail:

Vi Nguyen's picture

Great to see this concept expanding into Kenya! What were the first VR impressions and feedback from the users in Nairobi?

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Hi Vi Nguyen, we're still in the process of collecting the results. But first impressions among consumers and sales agentswere good, similar to what we found in Mozambique: "it feels like I'm really inside the toilet and I know better understand what it looks like". 

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Positive first impressions, great - keep us updated! Hoping it all goes well.